ESI: only 20 ISI journals in Economics & Business receive on average at least 20 citations per article over the last ten years

Essential Science Indicators has been updated as of September 1, 2012 to cover a 10-year plus 6-month period, January 1, 2002-June 30, 2012.

The field of economics & Business covers 289 journals in the essential science Indicators of Web of Science. Only about 20 journals received on avarage at least 20 citations per paper in the period covered by the ESI.

Here is the list:

Journal Papers Citations Citations Per Paper
QUART J ECON 397 16894 42,55
ACAD MANAGE REV 377 15731 41,73
ADMIN SCI QUART 191 7854 41,12
J ECON LIT 200 8111 40,55
MIS QUART 380 14346 37,75
ACAD MANAGE J 631 23325 36,97
J FINAN 873 28216 32,32
J MARKETING 469 14346 30,59
J POLIT ECON 378 11526 30,49
STRATEG MANAGE J 717 20049 27,96
J ECON PERSPECT 457 11199 24,51
ORGAN SCI 613 14996 24,46
ECONOMETRICA 628 15223 24,24
J MANAGE 488 11413 23,39
J ECON GROWTH 132 3038 23,02
J FINAN ECON 932 20463 21,96
REV ACC STUD 57 1142 20,04
J ACCOUNT ECON 351 7028 20,02
J OPER MANAG 465 9304 20,01

HISTCITE™; Bibiliographic Analysis and Visualization Software

HistCite is a flexible software solution to aid researchers in visualizing the results of literature searches in the Web of Science. It is easy, fast, and provides perspectives and information not available from the Web of Science.

HistCite can create clear and informative data tables and graphs in an HTML format readable in a web browser. Go here see examples of HistCite output. HistCite also outputs data in tables and publication-quality graphs.

HistCite is a software implementation of algorithmic historiography, and has been developed by Dr Eugene Garfield, founder of the Institute for Scientific Information and the inventor of citation analysis. Go here for a bibliography of papers on algorithmic historiography.

HistCite software is scheduled for commercial release in early 2007. If you want to learn more about HistCite and to get information about when it becomes available, please use the feedback form.

Click here for a Flash demo of the main features of HistCite.

What Can I Do With HistCite?

HistCite has many applications. Here are some of them:

Identify the key literature in a research field
By analyzing the results of a keyword search you can identify:

  • papers important to the development of the topic

  • important papers “missed” by your keyword search

  • most prolific and most cited authors and journals

  • other keywords that can be used to expand the collection

Analyze publication productivity and citation rates within a collection of research papers
Compare characteristics such as:

  • countries and institutions that authors publish from

  • most prolific and most cited authors within the groups

  • citation statistics for groups and subgroups (mean and median citation rates of papers, number of authors per paper, etc.)

Reconstruct the history and development of a research field
Analyze the content of an author search and you can find:

  • highly cited articles

  • important co-author relationships

  • earlier publications and documents important to the development of the author’s work

  • time line of the authors’ publications

  • view historiographs showing the key papers and timeline of a research field.

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