Achieving Impact in Research; a guide for the purposes of gaining research funding and reporting achieved impact for the Research Excellenc Framework (REF)

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This addition to the “Success in Research” series addresses the importance of understanding and achieving impact for the purposes of gaining research funding and reporting achieved impact for the Research Excellence Framework (REF).


The book includes contributions from researchers and researcher developers who feel that impact is ill-defined and poorly understood despite its prevalence in policy documents, websites and institutional activities. This succinct and cohesive text draws on the expert contributors’ collective research practice, knowledge and experience.


Using a variety of examples, boxed activities and highlighted reflection points, this practical guide covers the following key areas:


– The meaning of impact in relation to research


– How the Impact Agenda fits with attitudes and ethics that motivate research


– The different characterisations of research impact and when impact is apparent


– How impact can be planned into proposals, evaluated and evidenced


– The skills needed to be an impactful researcher


– How impact can be supported through Knowledge Exchange and effective partnerships


Table of contents:


What is the meaning of impact in relation to research and why does it matter? A view from inside academia     
Colin Chandler

What is the meaning of the Impact Agenda – is it a repackaged or a new entity? Views from inside the Research Councils     
Sophie Payne-Gifford

How does the Impact Agenda fit with attitudes and ethics that motivate research?     
Jennifer Chubb

What are the different characteristics of research impact?     
Jo Lakey, Geoff Rodgers and Rosa Scoble

When might research impact be apparent?     
Christopher Wood

How can impact be planned into research proposals?     
Rob Daley and Sara Shinton

How can impact evaluation be planned?     
Tony Bromley and André de Campos

How can impact be evidenced: practical methods?     
Tony Bromley

What skills are needed to be an impactful researcher?     
Jennifer Chubb

How can knowledge exchange support the development of impact through partnerships and university infrastructures?     
Andy Jackson

How can you become an impactful researcher?     
Ellen Pearce and Pam Denicolo

Appendix I A special case: researcher development and the work of the impact and evaluation group     
Christopher Wood and Pam Denicolo

Appendix II An illustration of the Researcher Development Framework (Vitae)
Appendix III The pathways to impact framework provided by RCUK



Achieving Impact in Research
Pam Denicolo     
October 2013, AGE Publications Ltd   
Series: Success in Research



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