Some Current Issues in Business Education.. a view of the classic issue of relevance dating back to 1958…any news?

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The article reports on business education. The author discusses a research study focused on business education offered at universities and colleges throughout the United States. Obstacles facing the presenters of business education, including diversity within the discipline, are discussed in detail. Business professors must keep in mind that businessmen may serve many different functions and work within many different industries. Therefore the education they receive must be applicable within many different industries and many different positions. The author offers recommendations for changes to be made in both graduate and undergraduate business curriculums.


The author: ” Knowledge, to be useful, must be applied, and the most fundamental skill required in business is the ability to apply what has been
learned either from formal education or from experience. This suggests the need for “clinical” teaching; the students must not be permitted to be passive in the educational process. So far, the case method of teaching has been the business schools’ chief answer to this problem, but this is not the whole answer…education for business is a lifetime process which involves not only formal education before a business career begins but also the learning that comes through experience and the formal training that can go on concurrently with work experience. An impressive body of evidence suggests approximately where the dividing line should be drawn between work experience and the employer, on the one hand, and the colleges on the other.”


Citation by the author: “Wise is the businessman who seeks the company of scholars. Wise also is the scholar who seeks the company of businessmen, and farsighted the institution of higher learning which invites them to visit its academic halls. These two groups, the professors and the men from industry, have more in common than they know, and each has a great contribution to make to the other. Together they bear important responsibility for the preservation of the American way of life.”
Clarence B. Randall,
“A Businessman Looks at tlie Liberal Arts.”



Some Current Issues in Business Education, Gordon, R.A. California Management Review; Fall1958, Vol. 1 Issue 1, p56-67, 12p

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