ESI: only 15 universities produced at least 1400 papers in the field of Economics and Business over the last 10 years; Erasmus University Rotterdam included

Essential Science Indicators has been updated as of September 1, 2012 to cover a 10-year plus 6-month period, January 1, 2002-June 30, 2012.

The field of economics & Business covers 289 journals in the essential science Indicators of Web of Science.

Only 15 universities produced at least 1400 papers in the field of Economics and Business over the last 10 years; Erasmus University Rotterdam included.

Erasmus University Rotterdam ranks 2nd outside the US next to LSE. This is a major performance for Erasmus University Rotterdam. The citations per paper of the two non-US schools still clearly lacks behind the US schools.

This is why citation impact is the next big excellence frontier for Erasmus University Rotterdam. Far the most research in economics and business is done in the Erasmus School of Economics (ese) and the Rotterdam School of Management (rsm) and their research institutes ERIM and TI.

Institution Papers Citations Citations Per Paper
1 NATL BUR ECON RES 3.672 66.785 18,19
2 HARVARD UNIV 2.882 52.511 18,22
3 UNIV PENN 1.957 34.958 17,86
4 NEW YORK UNIV 1.772 25.964 14,65
5 STANFORD UNIV 1.742 25.381 14,57
6 UNIV CALIF BERKELEY 1.706 24.367 14,28
7 COLUMBIA UNIV 1.672 22.342 13,36
8 UNIV MICHIGAN 1.595 20.741 13,00
9 MIT 1.583 32.251 20,37
10 UNIV CHICAGO 1.552 28.600 18,43
11 LONDON SCH ECON & POLIT SCI 1.542 13.808 8,95
12 CORNELL UNIV 1.530 17.388 11,36
13 UNIV ILLINOIS 1.492 16.353 10,96
14 UNIV WISCONSIN 1.486 16.459 11,08
15 ERASMUS UNIV ROTTERDAM 1.430 12.179 8,52

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