Short impact (JCR) and long impact (JPI) of journals

We are updating the ERIM journalslist at the moment and as part of this procedure we are evaluating different measures of status and prestige of journals. The ERIM list is our main vehicle for focus and quality-policy in our filed of Research in Management at Erasmus University. We update this list every two year.

One of the issues is ofcourse the period we take into account when we look at the journal performance. We can use the JCR reports with the impact factors of ISI. This gives an inpression of the last two years. We could also take a longer time horizon for our classifications of journals. The following example takes a five year and a 20+ year perspective on the performance of journals for the subject category of Business. See how the long term quality journals perform here. It helps me to develop a more balanced view on impact and prestige of journals. If only those data were all free available on the web…

Journals Ranked by Impact: Business


Impact Factor


1 Acad. Management Rev.
Acad. Management Rev.
Admin. Science Quart.
2 Strategic Mgmt. J.
Admin. Science Quart.
Acad. Management Rev.
3 Sloan Management Rev.
Journal of Marketing
Journal of Marketing
4 Admin. Science Quart.
Strategic Mgmt. J.
J. Consumer Research
5 Acad. Management J.
California Mgmt. Rev.
Acad. Management J.
6 J. Consumer Research
Acad. Management J.
Strategic Mgmt. J.
7 Journal of Marketing
J. Consumer Research
J. Marketing Research
8 Harvard Business Rev.
J. Acad. Market. Sci.
Journal of Business
9 Marketing Science
Sloan Management Rev.
Journal of Management
10 J. Acad. Market. Sci.
J. Marketing Research
Marketing Science

And the same exercise for the subject category Business Finance:


Journals Ranked by Impact: Business, Finance


Impact Factor


1 J. Account./Economics
Journal of Finance
J. Financial Economics
2 Journal of Finance
J. Financial Economics
Journal of Finance
3 J. Financial Economics
IMF Staff Papers
J. Monetary Economics
4 Rev. Financial Studies
J. Account./Economics
J. Account./Economics
5 J. Accounting Research
Rev. Financial Studies
Rev. Financial Studies
6 Accounting Review
J. Accounting Research
J. Finan. Quant. Analys.
7 J. Industrial Econ.
Mathematical Finance
J. Risk & Uncertainty
8 World Bank Econ. Rev.
World Bank Econ. Rev.
Journal of Accounting
9 Financial Mgmt.
J. Monetary Economics
J. Industrial Econ.
10 J. Monetary Economics
J. Risk & Uncertainty
J. Money Credit & Banking

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