Peer review in the internet age: 5 alternatives

Gerry McKiernan Presents 5 alternative models for the classical peer review system:

  1. Open Peer Review (let authors know the identity of reviewers)
  2. Commentary-Based review (two-stage procedure where the first review phase is open)
  3. Community Based review (all submisions accepted with minimal review in a standard tier and only a few with full peer review in the upper tier)
  4. Usage-based review (a metric that uses access statistics as an indicator of significance)
  5. Citation-based (Citebase & Web Citation Index)

The article ends with the following lines;

As observed by Harnad, “the Net …[not only] offers the possibility of implementing peer review more efficiently and equitably …,” but more significantly, provides a “real revolutionary dimension” with such features as “open peer commentary on published and ongoing work.” In addition, the Net provides “room … for unrefereed discussion too, [notably] in high-level discussion forums ….” Such enhancements to conventional peer review need not, however, be limited to features that some may view as simple extensions of the traditional model. In addition to ‘ideal’ conversations, metrics such as access statistics, as well as citing and linking, can also offer impartial indicators of valid and significant scholarship in all its forms, at any and all stages.


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